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Apple Developer Account Creation & Access
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To submit your app to iOS app stores, you must create a developer account and invite MAZ as an administrator. We recommend doing so as soon as you can in your production process to avoid delays in app approval. Follow the simple instructions below!

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Create An Apple Developer Account

1. Navigate to the Apple Developer and select Account on the top right.

2. Select Create Apple ID and fill out the required information.

NOTE: This ID will be used to manage your app; do not use a personal account.

3. After completing the form, verify your account via email.

4. You’ll be redirected to the Apple Developer login page. Enter your account info, select submit, and on the following page, check the box under the Apple Developer Agreement.

5. Enroll in the Apple Developer Program as an Organization, not a sole proprietors/single person business.

6. After enrolling in the Developer Program, you’ll be able to log into App Store Connect (see below).

Invite MAZ in App Store Connect

MAZ will require the right permissions to access your account. Follow these few easy steps to assign us the correct user/role for your Developer Account.

1.  In App Store Connect, select Users and Roles module. 

2. Select the ‘+’ sign to invite a new user.

3. Enter as the email address for the user, first and last name can be entered as "MAZ SYSTEMS".

4. Grant Admin role and send the invite. Make sure that Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles is checked along with Admin role. This should be inherited with Admin role.

4. Write to to confirm you have sent this invitation as it expires if not accepted.

Fill In Your Developer Credentials

We'll need a little bit more info for our system to distinguish your Apple Developer Account. The next few steps will take care of this.

1. Log into
2. Go to the Membership tab on the left pane. Copy your Team Name and Team ID into Dev Team ID and past into your Developer Account Name and Dev Team ID, respectively, in the Channel Setup within your MAZ dashboard for iOS and/or tvOS:

Also, check the Admin Access checkbox in the channel setup and save the form.

A note about your Apple Developer account maintenance: Apple frequently updates their Developer Agreements and Paid Application Schedules/Free Application Schedules. You will need to make sure that these are always up to date since MAZ cannot accept these agreements on your behalf. 

Check your account frequently to make sure there are no outstanding agreements. Out of date agreements may cause interruptions to your apps and block app updates. Read more about how to check and accept those agreements here.

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