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Test Your iOS Mobile App

Test your app for Apple iOS devices.

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Now that you’ve previewed your app, move on to test before it goes live to ensure the look, feel, and functionality are ready for launch. To test your app, you will use TestFlight, Apple’s testing app for app owners. 

Get Started

Be sure you are signed into the App Store using the same Apple ID that was used to create your Apple Developer Account on your iPhone/iPad.

Next, download the TestFlight app from the App Store on your iOS device if you haven't already.

Now that you have TestFlight downloaded to your device, you can start testing before submitting for approval and launch.

Test the Build

To begin testing, log into App Store Connect. Navigate to My Apps and select your app. Then, go to the TestFlight tab to create or select Testers. To learn how to create testers, follow Apple's instructions and add either internal or external testers. Please note that external testers will have to wait for Apple to review the TestFlight build.

Note: Ensure you are signed into the same account that was invited to test. To change the account, navigate to App Store and click the blue icon on the top right. If you are not logged into the correct Apple ID, you can scroll all the way down to log out. Select the correct account. 

Open the TestFlight app.

Select Install next to your app to start testing; a yellow dot will appear next to the test version after it’s downloaded. Or click Redeem to use the code which Apple should have emailed you if your TestFlight build is available.

With the test app installed, run internal tests; follow our Testing Best Practices and Apple’s Testing Guidelines.

When you’re ready for your app to be submitted to the iOS App Store, reach out to

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