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KVPs for SpotX
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To begin using KVPs with MAZ, you will need to set up your targeting keys in the MAZ dashboard, share the corresponding list of KVPs with the SpotX team and then targets ads in the SpotX dashboard.



In the MAZ dashboard, enter a set of specified Keys to be used for targeting. The Key specifies the corresponding item level <Key> in your MRSS feed, which will be the data source for targeting.

For example, you may enter the key “media:keywords”, which would correspond to <media:keywords> in the below feed:

<guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
<title>A beautiful sample video</title>
<description>A description, beautifully written</description>
<media:content url="http://sampleURL.mp4?type="video/mp4" medium="video" expression="sample" duration="1359" lang="eng"/>
<media:keywords>beautiful scenery, ott, MAZ</media:keywords>
<pubDate>Fri, 05 Oct 2018 16:57:54 +0000</pubDate>


After entering the selected Key(s) in the MAZ dashboard, all new content entering the MAZ system will be processed to include the Key-Value pairs. In the above example video, a customer could target “beautiful scenery”, “ott” or “MAZ”, as those are values associated with the <media:keywords> tag.

Note: Keys added to MAZ will not work retroactively to content already in the MAZ system. MRSS feeds will need to reprocessed to scrape new Key-Value pairs.


Key-Value Pairs Setup

All ad targeting happens in the SpotX dashboard. In order to setup targeting options, share a list Keys and Values to your SpotX account manager. SpotX will then add the targeting keys and their correlated values to the SpotX dashboard.

Contact your SpotX rep for more information about setting up KVPs!

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