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Metering + Call To Action (OTT Only)
Metering + Call To Action (OTT Only)
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There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to UI Design of your OTT app. The following introduction explains all of the design customizations available in MAZ for your Metering and Call to Action features - these designs can be important to gain subscribers.

In this article:

  • Timed Access 

  • View-based Access

Edit the design of your app's metering at the (3) stages of the process - Full Time/Views, Remaining, and Complete, as well as for Locked and Unlocked content. If it is locked, the number/amount of time/views remaining will be displayed next to the section heading.

First, select whether to have Time or View-based metering. Then, edit for each stage and content access type.

NOTE: You will choose your subscription price in the Subscription section under App Creator.

Timed Based Metering

Set a certain amount of time for access to your app’s content before users must subscribe to continue access. Once a video is opened, the clock starts. The countdown pauses when a user is not accessing content by returning to the main landing screen of the app. When time reaches 1 minute, the time turns red as it counts down. This creates a sense of urgency to subscribe.

Edit the text for Full Time, Remaining and Completed and choose or upload a Lock Icon. 

View Based Metering

Select View-Based access to encourage subscriptions after watching a set number of videos. The views will subtract after a video is opened. An added feature of View-Based metering is that a prompt to subscribe appears after all views have been used.

Free Views Allowed: This is the amount of free views a user will be allowed. Choose from between 1-50.

Resets Every: After a user goes through Free Views Allowed, they will have to wait a certain amount of time to get another batch of free articles. Choose from Never to 28 days.

Registration Wall: If you choose Yes, this will mean that a Registration prompt will be shown to a user after consuming a set number of views during their free access.

Registration Required After: A user will need to register to view anything more at this point. Choose the required viewing point from between 1-50.

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