Ensure your audience enjoys seamless engagement across devices and platforms via an Integration. Share data between the MAZ system and your existing user database to ensure all of your users are centralized; new users in your app will be shared with your third-party database and existing users will be authenticated within MAZ.

Integrations allow you to authenticate already-existing users (such as print subscribers) in your app and provide them immediate access to your content. A premium integration allows you to also transmit your app user data to your database for the ultimate centralization. 

MAZ Database Integration Services (DBS) offers a variety of integration services for certain types of external databases. You have the option of using MAZ's API or one of our Off-the-shelf Database Integrations.

How to Integrate Your Database with MAZ

Navigate to Users, and select Database Integrations from the dropdown.

MAZ offers two options!

1- Database Integrations (Off-the-shelf Database Integrations}

Built-in DBI

Popular external database types that are built-in to MAZ.

Integrate with common external databases in just a few steps within the MAZ dashboard. 

2- Database Integration API

Self-Service DBI

Integrate your subscriber database directly with your MAZ app using a simple API endpoint. MAZ offers a set of APIs which can be used by you to create your own DBIs.

Create your own integration with our tools for keys, documentation, testing tools, and more.

Whitelisting MAZ Servers :

Please note that you may need to whitelist the following IP addresses of MAZ servers at your end for the Database Integration to work:

If your database fits these requirements you have the option of using MAZ's API or one of our off-the-shelf database integrations.

Please reach out to the MAZ Success team at for any queries.

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