Closed Captioning For Videos

Provide closed captioning for videos, whether published to mobile or OTT

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MAZ provides tools to enable your app to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. One of the guidelines requires closed captioning to be available for your video content. Read the below information on how to ensure closed captioning is available for your video content, whether published to mobile or OTT.

Upload an MRSS feed that includes the SRT or VTT subtitle format. Please find details of how the contents .srt file and .vtt should look like here: .srt and .vtt

The MRSS feed must include the following tag for closed captioning to show:

<media:subtitle> or <media:closedcaption> or <jwplayer:track>

Note : For <jwplayer:track> we will only be looking for kind="subtitles" and kind="captions" instances.

<jwplayer:track file="" kind="subtitles" label="English"/>

The SRT and VTT file must also be included as a href attribute. For example:

<media:subtitle href=""/>

VTT/SRT files are also required to contain the optional sequence values above each timecode.

VTT Example:


00:00:09.200 --> 00:00:10.700
Hello everyone

00:00:10.700 --> 00:00:13.820
Welcome to this example VTT file.

00:00:13.820 --> 00:00:16.520
Follow this spec

00:00:16.520 --> 00:00:20.920
To be sure that your Closed Captioning displays properly

00:00:26.040 --> 00:00:41.320
Thanks for checking this out
Have a wonderful day.

SRT Example:


00:00:00,570 --> 00:00:02,200
Hi there!

00:00:02,200 --> 00:00:03,450
Are you looking to add captions?

00:00:06,850 --> 00:00:09,600
Well then, try adding a SRT to your MRSS feed!

00:00:09,600 --> 00:00:13,343
Use sequence numbers and time codes

00:00:15,960 --> 00:00:18,370
making sure to use proper SRT format.

Once you've created feeds with the correct closed captioning files, reach out to in order to activate this toggle in your settings menu within your app.

NOTE: English (EN and GB) is the only language currently supported for closed captioning.

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