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How to create a Subscription in Your App
How to create a Subscription in Your App

Allow your audience to subscribe to your app

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Subscriptions allow you to monetize your app experience, by allowing your audience to subscribe to your app.

  1. Navigate to App Creator, Subscriptions, then select Subscriptions.

  2. Select Yes to Offer Subscription Purchases, then determine the type of subscription: All-Access or Duration.

All-Access: As soon as users subscribe, they have access to all of your app's content.

Duration: When a user subscribes, they can access content published from that date forward, and have to purchase back issues separately.

3. Select the subscriptions options you would like to include in your app experience. You will have the option of Monthly, 3 months, 6 months or Annual.

4. For each, set the price and whether you would like to offer a free trial of one week or longer, depending on the subscription option.

5. Select your preferred subscription which will be displayed more prominently by default and whether you would like the subscription label will be 'Subscription' or 'Access.

Note: If you have both a mobile and OTT app, the subscription settings will be the same for both, unless you create 2 separate apps in your MAZ account.

If you have a database of print or digital subscribers that you would like to utilize your app, read about our MAZ ID & Database Integrations.

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