Display sponsor screens to promote in-app or web content or to display ads from your sponsors, on both mobile and OTT. You can track how many times a sponsor screen is clicked on, and also how many times the sponsor screen is displayed within an app. 

How to set up sponsor screens

Navigate to App Creator, Ads, then select Sponsor Screen.

Select +Screen.

Enter the following:

  • Visibility: Mobile and/or OTT

  • Tracking Name (internal)

  • Sponsor Logo: this is the image for your sponsor screen; required: 1200 x 600 px, transparent background, PNG, maximum 1 MB

  • Background Type: this will appear behind the sponsor logo - Single Color, Two Color Gradient, Image

  • Background Image (If image is selected) - required: 2732 x 2732 px, JPG, maximum 1 MB

  • Brought to you...: Select whether you'd like this display on or off

  • Duration: 1 to 5 seconds

  • Action Button (Mobile): Add a button to direct to a web URL or deeplink to any section or content in your app

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