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How to Create An Article Using MAZ Feed Builder
How to Create An Article Using MAZ Feed Builder

Add articles to your mobile app, or to publish on platforms.

Written by Customer Success
Updated over a week ago

Do you have article content but don't have a corresponding RSS feed to be able to upload the content to your app? No worries, you can create your own feed using MAZ's Feed Builder Feature.

Create an article through Feed Builder:

  1. Once in the newly created Feed Builder section click on +Item, then click on +Article

  2. Under Source use the dropdown to choose New Article

  3. Enter the main content of the article, including Headline, optional Byline, Optional Date, Deck (or short description), and finally the Body of the article. The Body of the article has standard formatting and styling options, including the option to insert images.

MAZ creates a public-facing URL with the following URL structure, which can be used on your website or other places.

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