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How to Design Your Subscriptions
How to Design Your Subscriptions

Add branding and design to your Subscription section.

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Once you have created your subscriptions, you can design the look and feel of what the screens will look like to your end users.

1. Navigate to App Creator, Design and click on Subscriptions on the left hand side.

2. Upload a logo or image – this will display in place of the LOGO image. Requirements: Max Width: 825 px, Max Height: 300 px, 72 dpi, PNG or JPG.

3. Select the colors that best represent your brand using the selector, or by entering the HEX codes. All of the colors will be selected in the right column.

4. Customize the wording of each line of copy that appears in the Subscription screen. These include the following:

New Subscription Character Text: The copy that appears above the subscription options and purchase buttons. Character Limit: 85

Restore Purchases Button: The copy that prompt existing users to restore purchases. Character Limit: 40

Best Value Label: The copy that appears next to the longer-duration option, as this is often the best value. The term selected as the Preferred Subscription will always appear above all other terms. Please note that this label may be superseded if you have also opted for a free trial with the preferred subscription. Character Limit: 20

5. Add in your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy links, these must be added to comply with app store requirements.

Terms of Use URL: The URL to your brand’s terms of use can be any URL. The URL will display as an in-app browser page.

Privacy Policy URL: The URL to your brand’s privacy policy can also be any URL. The URL will display as an in-app browser page.

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