There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to Design of your mobile app. The following introduction explains the customization options available on the Saved Section of your app.

Saved Section Overview

The Saved Section displays for users that have registered for an account. Users without an account will be prompted to sign up. Customize your Saved Section so that it's cohesive with the rest of your app UI!

Navigate to App Creator > Design > Mobile App and choose Saved on the left side toolbar. Make sure you are in the Mobile view and customize the design elements below.

Background Color

Set the background color as it appears above - enter a HEX code or select from the color picker pop up.

Text Color

Set the text color as noted above.

No Saved Items Text

Customize the text that appears when a user does not have any items saved. Note the copy and color customizations in the example shared above.

When all customizations have been made, make sure to select

More customization tools for the Saved Section can be found on the App Creator main page. 

Go to App Creator where you can view all of your Sections. Click the Settings button next to the Saved section to change the name of your section and to the Design button to customize the layout and icons of the Saved section.


Icon: Select from a variety of different MAZ icons or upload your own custom design.
Layout: Select the layout of choice for content displayed in your Saved section. 


Change the name of Saved Section, and select whether it should be visible on your Mobile or OTT app or both.

To remove the Saved Section from your app experience navigate to App Creator and select Inactive next to the Saved section to remove from your app UI. Most common use case- to free up the navigation bar for more content sections!

When Saved section is removed from the app, then user will not be shown save button in the app.

Note : Saved section's design settings are dynamic and will not require an app update.

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