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Time Based Metering

Allow your end users to preview free content for limited amount of time by adding time based metering.

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Metering allows you to engage new users with free content before they are required to make a purchase or subscribe. Meter can be set for non-subscribers based on a custom number of views (view based metering) or custom amount of time.

Time-based metering allows users to view your content for free for a limited amount of time before they must subscribe, purchase, or register to continue access.

Once a piece of content (an article, video, audio file, etc.) is opened, the clock starts. The countdown pauses when a user is not accessing content by returning to the main landing screen of the app. When the timer reaches 1 minute, the timer flashes red as it counts down to warn users that their time is running out. 

To setup Time-based metering across your app follow these steps.

1. Navigate to App Creator, click on Design and select Metering on the left. 

2. Take a look at the settings on the right side, set the Meter Type to Time.

3. Scroll down and customize the metering text you would like to show in the app. 

Full Time Text: The text that displays when all time remains.

Remaining Text: The text that displays when less than the full amount of preview time remains.

Completed Text: The text that displays when the preview time has expired.

Locked Content Text: The text that displays before the price button for the content.

You can add an additional call to action button and copy, such as "Log In as an existing Subscriber" (shown in the example below) by selecting Subscribe, Register, or Login from the dropdown next to Featured Subscription. Configure the same settings as above for the CTA you choose. 

Next you will have to choose which feeds or content will include time-based metering: 

  1. Navigate to a specific feed in your app by navigating to your content within your app sections, and pressing the Settings button next to each feed.

  2. Make sure the Access setting is set to Locked and choose how a user can unlock the feed. More on that here.

3. Choose Timed Access and select the length of time you would like the user to have as a free preview. 

Your users should now be able to preview this feed for a limited time before needing to purchase or register!


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