Our proprietary customer data platform.
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MAZ ID is a user registration tool that powers your mobile and OTT apps to do more with user data. Learn more below.

What is MAZ ID?

MAZ ID is our proprietary customer data platform. 

MAZ ID is composed of the following features that enable you to reach your audience & ensure the best user experience:  

MAZ ID Database

After you launch an app with MAZ, all app user data will be collected and available in the Users section of your MAZ dashboard in your very own MAZ ID Database

The following data is collected and accessible in the MAZ ID Database. 

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII): Name and Email Address

  • Usage data: Registration Date, Login type

  • Subscription only Information

  • Data & Privacy Consent

Export User Data

Navigate to Users, and select MAZ ID from the dropdown.

Click on Export User Data to export your user data for re-marketing and data centralization. By clicking export, a CSV file like the one below will be sent to the authorized users in your company. Add an authorized user by reaching out to our customer success team at

MAZ ID End User Experience

Creating an Account

Users will have the ability to Register, Log In, or Authenticate their account in the following ways: 

  • Email/Password

  • Optional: Social login (Twitter, Facebook, Google)

  • Optional: Apple Sign In

  • Mailing Address/Account Number

Forgot Password functionality is available. 


MAZ ID allows a synchronized user experience in (3) different ways.

1. Saving

With synced content saves, users can access saved content across devices.

2. Progress

Users can pause videos on one device and continue playing on another.

3. Payment

Payment for Print + Digital Subscriptions and In-App Purchases will be synced across devices for seamless log ins and immediate content access.

MAZ ID Audience Segmentation

Send targeted messages and feature targeted content with two of the MAZ Marketing tools.

You may select some banner groups to be visible to Subscribers and another group to be visible only to users who are logged in the app.

Segment push notifications by sending notifications to different user types based on their subscription or registration status.

Database Integration Services

Integrations allow you to authenticate already-existing users in your app and provide them immediate access to your content. Learn more about that here

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