Add Subsections
Learn how to add subsections in App Creator.
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Add a subsection

1. In App Creator, navigate into a section, and then select +Section on the top right.
2. Enter the section's name, subtitle, and description, and choose the following settings:
Visible On: Choose whether this section appears on Mobile, TV, or both.
Active: Check the box to automatically set it live in your app.
Show Banners: Check this box to set banners on this section. Learn more about Banners.
3. Continue to add content into the new subsection you have created. 


DanceTV, as you see in the screenshot below, is using multiple subsections in their section named 24/7. Their subsections (displayed in the Image Chooser Layout) include Algorhythm, Deep Tech Minimal, Techno Warehouse, Deep House District, House Floor and Chill AF. 

Adding in subsections allows for the content to be segmented further for each individual user to find the particular content they are looking for. 

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