OTT Section Layouts & Design

Choose from different layouts to design your OTT app sections.

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While planning and wire-framing your app’s content for OTT, keep in mind that a variety of layouts are available to organize menus, videos, and anything else you would like to publish in your app. These layouts display your content in the best ways for OTT.

OTT Section Design

You can begin to design your section by navigating to App Creator, and clicking on the Design button next to a Section that you've create and added content to as shown below.

Set your mobile design and layout if applicable (click here for more on mobile section design) and continue to the OTT settings.

Choose your layout from the designs shown. More details on each layout below:

Layout Options

1. Standard Grid

Utilize this layout for a minimalist display of a section name, feed images and their titles. The below example uses Standard Grid with horizontal thumbnails and content feeds. Notice the star icon, which indicates that users can save the content item.

2. Detail View

Utilize this layout for a more focused look at individual content items. Shown here with vertical thumbnails and a subscription offer. You can also add a description of the subtitle below the title.

3. Jumbo Grid

Choose this layout for organizing categorized video content in a familiar format for viewing.

4. Spotlight

A new layout for OTT will put the spotlight on individual videos as your viewers scroll through your content. Along with the description and other metadata, you can choose to display a live preview of the video in the spotlight window.

Important Note: For the Spotlight layout, the description content displayed on the screen is restricted to 4 lines.

5. Full Screen

Put your best content on display with the Full Screen layout. Choose to feature a video or image, with the audio on or off.

These layouts provide a variety of content-creating possibilities – experiment & explore all of the ways your app can shine.

Publishing for mobile? Check out our Mobile Layouts, too.

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