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Choose from different layouts to design mobile app sections.

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While planning and designing your app’s content, keep in mind that a variety of layouts are available to organize menus, articles, videos, and anything else you would like to publish to your Outputs. These layouts display your content in the best ways for mobile viewing.

Mobile Layouts

Mobile layouts can be set in the Design tab next to each Section of your app.

Select the icon you would like to display for each Section. Then choose the layout for your Section. Below are examples of all the current mobile layouts available:

1. List

Utilize this layout for a classic, vertically-organized look.

2. Cover List

Utilize for magazine issues.

3. Full Tile

Utilize this layout for a singular focus per scroll.

4. Carousel

Choose this layout for a series of images, PDFs, or videos (and intuitive swiping!)

5. Feature Grid*

Choose this layout for a series of PDFs or articles, with an editorial display.

*This is a premium layout.

6. Mosaic

Utilize this layout to display image-driven content, such as menus or articles.

7. Square Cards

Select the Cards layout for image-focused vertical display.

8. Text Chooser

Utilize this layout for a straightforward text style.

9. Full Screen

Utilize this layout for a full screen view of image and video content, that also allows for a description.

10. Square Tile

Choose this layout for a similar spotlight as Full Tile, but with titles that overlay the image.

11. Image Chooser

Select this layout for image-focused menus and PDFs. You have the option to show or hide titles.


Hidden Titles

12. Podcast

Select the Podcast layout for your native audio content. This layout contains podcast specific UI to highlight episode descriptions, thumbnails and audio playback navigation. 

13. Full Cards

Select this layout for daily content feeds. Highlight article thumbnails with titles below each article. A "tetris" look and feel and makes a good choice for articles without images as well. 

14. Video Grid
More video thumbnails per row to make it that much easier to navigate through large video archives! 

Note: The background of this layout can be changed from the backend. If you would like to change it to some color other than white, please write to

Finally, if you would like to change the logo displayed when navigating to a particular section, upload that logo in these settings.

These layouts provide a variety of content-creating possibilities – experiment & explore all of the ways your app can shine.

IMPORTANT NOTES: For both Articles and Images, Subtitles and Descriptions are only visible to the user in feeds where the layout in Experience Creator is set to Detail View. Certain themes like Image Chooser, Text Chooser Podcast, Featured Grid, and Video Grid do not support Ad articles.

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