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Test Your Amazon Mobile App

Test your mobile or OTT app to launch on the Amazon App Store.

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Now that you’ve previewed your app, move on to test on an Amazon app before it goes live to ensure the look, feel, and functionality are ready for launch. To test your app, you will use a Live App Testing.

Get Started

In the dashboard, navigate to Live App Testing. Select Start Your First Test Run.

Add Testers

Once the Test is created, Go back to the Dashboard by clicking on "Go to Dashboard".

Click on "Add Testers". You can create new testers or add existing ones from this tab.

All testers will receive an email confirmation with a link to your app's test page with instructions on how to download and install your app on Fire and Android devices.

Submit the Test Build

Submit the test build by navigating back to Live App Testing and under Actions, select Submit.

Note: After submitting your app to Live App Testing, it can take up to several hours before your testers receive their email invitations.

Download the App Store & Test App

Next, you'll download the test app!

From the test invitation email, each tester will select the Amazon Marketplace ( 

Then, each tester will be led to download the app. On the app retail page, from the Deliver To: drop-down menu, select the device where you want to install the app.

If a particular device is not available in the tester's current marketplace, that device will not appear in the drop-down menu. If none of the devices that your app targets are available in a given marketplace, the drop-down menu will be replaced with a Continue button on the app's retail page. 

Install the app to the specified device. You can test on as many devices as you have associated with your Amazon account that the app targets.

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