Test a tvOS App

Test your app for the Apple TV App Store.

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Now that you’ve previewed your app, move on to test before it goes live to ensure the look, feel, and functionality are ready for launch. To test your app, you will use TestFlight, Apple’s testing app for app owners. 

Get Started

Access your account by logging into App Store Connect.

Adding Testers

1. Select the My Apps module and select the app you are testing.

2. Click the TestFlight tab on the top navigation.

3. Click on App Store Connect Users located under Internal Group and click the (+) icon.

Check the boxes next to those that need to test your app and select Add. This list of users is generated from everyone in your Users and Access module.

Note: You may also add external groups but the build will need to be submitted for TestFlight review first.

Each tester will receive an email confirmation with an invitation code.

Test for Launch

From the email, select View in TestFlight

A code will appear. This code will be entered in TestFlight on your Apple TV.

From your Apple TV, navigate to the App Store and select TestFlight.

Select Redeem, and then enter the code. This will prompt the download of your app in a TestFlight state onto your tvOS.

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