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ADA Compliance For Mobile Apps

Make your mobile app ADA compliant

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MAZ provides tools to enable you to make your mobile apps ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant for all types of content (article, image, audio, video), and feeds.

MAZ Dashboard

All images that are uploaded on the MAZ dashboard and are used in the mobile app have a new field available labeled “Image Alt Text”. This is an optional field but if you want to make your app ADA compliant, you should enter a value here.

Across the app UI, there are various images, logos etc. If proper alt tags are provided for these images/logos in the respective location (MAZ dashboard and/or source feed), the image tags are read aloud by VoiceOver when they are accessed through assistive technology.

For example, here is a snapshot of MAZ dashboard for a mobile banner :

MAZ dashboard will auto-fill this field with the file name of the image that is uploaded (minus the file extension). For example, if an image was uploaded called fordexplorer.jpg - we would autofill with “fordexplorer”. You may change the Image Alt Text to anything you wish, including deleting it altogether.

Note: Images that are not used in-app (assets for the various app stores, etc.) do not need to have the Image Alt Text field.

Mobile App

In any MAZ app for mobile, the navigation, feed views, content, settings, login UI, CTA, etc. are all accessible using VoiceOver/Voice Access/Audio Guide.

App's logo and the launch screen of the app are also accessible with VoiceOver.

Note: VoiceOver is not able to read the content of the PDFs

Closed Captioning

MAZ also enables you to ensure closed captioning is available for your video content, whether published to Mobile or OTT. Given the subtitle files (srt or vtt subtitle format) provided with the video items in the source MRSS feed, captions display at the bottom when the video is played in-app. Learn more here.

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