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Upload PDFs of articles, issues, and more.

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Uploading PDFs is an easy way to add a large editorial file, such as magazine issues, or any other long form article content. You can upload the PDF for a page-flipping user experience. Let's get started!

1. Navigate to the section where you want to add the PDF Only feed.

2. Click on +Content, +Feed, then +PDF Only.

Important Note: MAZ can process PDFs up to 1 GB but for the best user experience, upload PDFs 150 MB or less.

3. Enter the following information in their respective fields:

  • Name (Internal)

  • Upload PDF

  • Title (external facing)

  • Subtitle (external facing)

  • Description (external facing)

4. In the next form you see, fill in the metadata for the content menu you are adding to your app and save the form. For example, access, cover date, release date, download options etc.

5. Once you have uploaded added the PDF Only feed, click into the Design next to the PDF once uploaded in your section to Upload Feed/Cover Image for vertical and horizontal viewing depending on your selected layout.


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