How to create a Smart Feed?

Smart Feeds allow you to create a feed that contains content with only certain keywords.

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Smart feeds are a great tool to use when you want to create a feed that contains a subset of content you have uploaded to MAZ. MAZ will filter through the feeds you choose to include in the search and use the keywords you add as a filter for your new Smart Feed.

How to create a Smart Feed?

  1. Navigate to the section you would like to create the smart feed in.

  2. Once in that section click on Content, select +New, +Feed, and then +Smart Feed.

  3. Set your Smart Feed parameters. MAZ will scan all titles, description, body text, and metadata keyword tags for items in the feeds that you select as the source to find an exact match to create the feed. Please note that items that are not added to any feed(RSS, MRSS, etc.) won't be added to the smart feed.

  4. Choose to sort the order in which content appears by two parameters: Best Match First or Most Recent First. Best Match First will take all keywords into consideration and order the best matches at the top of the feed. Most Recent First will order items based on the publishing date.

Smart Feed Keywords:

Enter one keyword or a phrase, simple or complex; (these are the phrases you want to make it through the filter).

Note that you can create complex filters using the ‘and’/’or’ options, by selecting (not typing) the parentheses around each word(s), as well as the and/or buttons. These selections will appear green.

Likewise, creating negative keywords will tell the filter to exclude content from your feed.

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