Launch screens are the first thing your users see when they open your app, and help provide a seamless transition while your app is loading. It is also an opportunity to showcase your brand.

  1. To set up your launch screen, navigate to App Creator > Design and select Launch Screen from the left side tool bar. Choose whether you are uploading for your mobile or OTT app and upload according to the designated specs. Your OTT app will require you to upload a full image, and the mobile app you will simply choose a background color and upload your logo.

OTT launch screen
The OTT launch screen uses a single image (3840 x 2160 px, 72 dpi png). You may want to include your logo, primary brand colors, or a screenshot of your best content.

Mobile launch screen. The mobile launch screen uses your logo (1200 x 600 px, png) on top of a solid-colored background, often your primary brand color. Unlike most app design changes, because the launch screen is submitted along with your mobile app settings, updating the design will require an app update. 

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