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Cross Platform Receipt Validation API Keys

Sync in-app subscriptions for your users across all platforms

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Sync the in-app purchases of your subscribers across platforms by providing the MAZ Success team with the following API keys. Please email the files and access keys to

Apple Validation Key: Shared Secret

1. Sign into App Store Connect and navigate to your App.

2. Select your app and click on Manage under In-App Purchases in the left-hand navigation menu. 

3. Click on App-Specific Shared Secret and generate a unique code. 

Amazon Validation Key: Shared Secret

1. Sign into your Amazon Developer Console and navigate to Settings > Identity. Amazon provides a randomly generated shared key for the developer account. 

Roku Validation Key: JSON Service Account

1.  Sign into your Roku Developer Account  and navigate to My Developer Info > Web API Settings > API Key. 

2. Similar to Amazon, one API key will be associated for all apps under the developer account. 

Google Play Validation Key: JSON Service Account

Create a Service Account

1. Navigate to the Google Play Console and select Settings. Under Developer Account, select API access.

2. Scroll to the bottom and click on Create new service account.

3. In the pop-up, click on Google Cloud Platform

4. You will be redirected to the Google Cloud Platform. On the Service Accounts page click on + Create Service Account.

5. Under Service Account Name, enter MAZ-SERVICE-API and under Service Account Description, enter Receipt Validation.

6. Note down your Service account ID and click on Create.

Grant Service Account Permissions

Next, grant permission for the account.

1. Choose Select a Role from the dropdown.

2. Select Android Management, then Android Management User; select Continue.

Grant User Access To Service Account

Finally, grant access.

1. Select Done to close this form.

2. From the list select the account that you created. (Use the Service Account Id noted before, to find the account.)

3. This is how your account will look like when you open it from the list.

4. Now click on ADD KEY and select Create new key.

5. You will be shown a pop-up. Select JSON and click on create.

6. A prompt window will open; select Save File.

7. Select Close.

8. A JSON file will download to your computer, and you will be provided a private key in a pop-up. Provide MAZ with this JSON file.

Next, return to Google Play Console - API Access under Settings, and refer to the Google Service Account just created; select Grant Access. In the new window, make sure that you give the service account access to View App Information, View Financial Data, and Manage Orders. Then select Add User. 

Now click on Invite User and in the pop-up click on Send Invite.

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