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Navigating a MAZ Magazine App

FAQs for using MAZ magazine apps

Written by Customer Success
Updated over a week ago

When I tap on a magazine cover, all I am seeing is a bunch of articles. Why does the magazine look like this?

This is a modern version of the magazine app designed specifically for mobile and tablet. We wanted to make it easy for you to read articles whenever and wherever you want.

Where is the table of contents?

We have replaced the table of contents with a simpler navigation menu. Once you tap into a magazine, all of the articles are just one click away. Scroll down through the issue and tap on an article. 

How do I navigate through the issue?

Once you tap into a magazine, you can scroll through all of its articles. To read an article just tap on it to open it up. From the article level, you can swipe left or right to move forward or backward through the magazine. Or, you can tap the the top left back arrow to return to the article selector. 

The latest issue of the publication isn't showing up in my app. Where is it?

First, please be sure that your iPhone/iPad has a strong and stable internet connection so that it can receive the latest content. If the issues still aren't showing up, then it's likely that the publishers have not made the content available for download yet. Please check back in the app in a day or two, as it will likely be made available by then.

How can I navigate forwards and backwards while browsing web content within the reader?

We've added the following gestures within the web browser in the reader:

  1. Two-finger swipe down to close

  2. Two-finger swipe up to go full page

  3. Two-finger swipe left to go back

  4. Two-finger swipe right to go forward

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