Mobile App Submission Checklist

Let's go through the required setup for Mobile in the Dashboard

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Required Setup: 

☑ App Creator: Add Sections and Content

Decide how you want users to navigate within your app. Choose the sections and content you want to include on app launch. 

☑ App Creator: Design your app

Decide how you want the look and feel of your app to be presented. 

☑ App Creator:  Analytics Settings
In order to track and generate reports on your app engagement analytics.

☑ Developer Account Access
Create your developer accounts so we can upload your builds to the app stores when you are ready to submit. We recommend complete this step as soon as possible since some of the app stores do take some time to approve the developer accounts. Make sure to send Developer Account access invites to

Content & Channel Setup:
In order for us to create a test version of your app to preview, we will need you to fill out all the required fields for each platform you intend to launch on.

  • App Store Name

  • Description

  • Screenshots

  • Keywords

Additional Optional Setup: 

☑ App Creator: Design Setup

Setup up Onboarding Screens: Create a welcome screen to highlight new aspects of your app experience, create custom CTAs to guide existing subscribers to login, or request users register an account upon app launch with our customized on-boarding screens.

☑ Content: Article Templates: 

Design a template for articles using our tool, Article Templates. Here, you can customize each element of the template, with an easy to use wiziwig format. 

Content Monetization Options

☑ App Creator: Subscriptions

Want to monetize your content via subscriptions? Choose between monthly, 3 month and 6 month, or annual subscription options. You can also offer a free trial!

☑ App Creator: Banners 

☑ App Creator: Ads & Video Ads 

Monetize your video content by connecting videos ads via Google Ad Manager, SpotX or Third Party Tags.
☑ App Creator: Ad Settings

Integrate your DFP display ads into your feeds and articles to monetize your content.

☑ App Creator: Ad Sponsor Screen

Display sponsor screens to promote in-app or web content or to display ads upon launch of your app. 

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