Did you upload or ingest a piece of content (PDF, MRSS feed, RSS feed), but aren't seeing it either in the app preview or in your live app? 

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot this issue. 

  1. Go into the MAZ dashboard and set the status of the content as 'Inactive' and then reactivate the piece of content again. 

  2. Double check to make sure that your Digital Release Date (if applicable) has passed. More information regarding this can be found here.

  3. Delete the existing content and then try to add it back in again. 

  4. Content generally takes at least 20 minutes to update. If none of the above has worked, it's been a few hours, and you are still not seeing the content in your app, please reach out to us at success@mazsystems.com or chat us for further assistance. 

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