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Mirroring vs Non-Mirroring articles
Written by Customer Success
Updated over a week ago

There are two ways that MAZ can ingest your feeds, either "Mirroring" or "Non-Mirroring." This  is an app-level setting meaning it will affect all feeds within a given app so make sure you choose your selection carefully.

  1. “Mirroring” - This option will display a 1:1 match of whatever is in your feed(s) currently. If there is an RSS feed with 50 articles in a specific order, MAZ will display those 50 articles in the same order in your app. If you make any modification to the feed (add, remove, or reorder articles, change headlines, etc.), we will match it 1:1. This setting applies to all feeds within the app, and you can have an unlimited number of feeds. The in-app search will only return search items that are present in your current feeds.

  1. “Non-Mirroring” - With this option, if you input an RSS feed with 50 articles in a specific order, MAZ will ingest and archive those 50 articles. If you update the feed to have 50 different, new articles, MAZ will add the new articles at the top of the app feed, and keep the original 50 below. Your app will accumulate content over time, and all of it will be searchable using the in-app search. The downside to this option is that if you make a change to an article already in the feed and *want* the change to reflect in the app, it won’t update. Examples: Change the order of content, update thumbnail images, etc. Additionally, if you change the URL of any content, the app will keep both the old and the new url, you can end up with duplicate content in your app. There is no way to go in and edit or move items after the fact.

Most MAZ customers choose Article Mirroring, but it all depends how important archival search is for you. This is a setting that needs to be done on our end, so let us know if you want to change the way articles are archived within your app. 

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