Step 6: Create Developer Accounts

Create your developer accounts and grant MAZ access

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We're going to take a break from creating your app for a moment to make sure you complete a crucial part of the process, which is setting up your platform Developer Accounts and granting MAZ access. MAZ needs access to your accounts because MAZ handles the submission of your apps, as well as all app updates. 

If you're setting up your Developer Accounts for the first time, we have all the information you need to make sure the process is completed correctly. If you already have existing Developer Accounts, you will still need to review the below information to grant MAZ access to those accounts. 

In order to prevent delays later on, we suggest you start the creation of your Developer Accounts now so that once you are ready to test or go live, the apps can be submitted right away!

Here are some quick links to get started with each platform: 

To see all of our articles about Developer Accounts, check out this link below: 

Please keep in mind that while MAZ will submit your apps through your Developer Account on your behalf, you will remain responsible for managing the account, which may include developer platform fees, accepting and agreeing to platform terms and conditions, setting up your payment information, etc. Delays or neglecting to maintain these aspects of your developer accounts could lead to app rejections or removals later on. 

Later on, you will need to submit some screenshots, meta data, and other assets in order to have you app ready to submit. This will be completed in the Channel Setup section of the dashboard.

While you don't have to do this immediately, it will be required prior to submitting your apps. Check out this article for more details: Metadata & Assets

Now that you have set up your developer accounts and granted MAZ access, let's get back to your app! Step 7: App Design

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