Step 10: Google Analytics

Create a Google Analytics tracking ID to see usage data

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You will want to track usage activity within your app in order to gain insights into how users are engaging with your app and content. MAZ uses Google Analytics to track this data. You will create and manage your own Google Analytics account, this is something that is not managed or set up by MAZ. However, we do ask that you pass along some permissions and information for us so we can set up tracking within your apps. Follow the instructions below to get set up. 

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Setting up your Google Analytics Account

  1. Go to http:// and login with your Google Analytics credentials (or create an account).

  2. In the Analytics Dashboard, go to "Admin" located at the bottom left of the page and click the same.

  3. Click the "Create Property" button as shown below.

4. Enter your Property details. Be sure to click "Show advanced options" and toggle on Universal Analytics property. Also check the box for "Create a Universal Analytics property only".

5. Add any additional information regarding your business.

6. Your new property will be created and your Tracking ID, and a number starting with UA- will be displayed on the screen. This is your GA Tracking ID. Copy this Tracking ID and upload it to the MAZ dashboard by navigating to App Creator > Analytics > Settings > Edit. Anytime this ID is changed we will need to submit a new build. If you are changing this ID please email to let us know you need a new build created.

7. Next, edit the following settings in the new "Web" property you created

  • Under the property column, go to Custom Definitions > Custom Dimensions and add a custom dimension at index 1, name it "PlatformName" and set the scope as "Session".

• Under the View column, click on "+ Create View" and select "Mobile App", give it any name and save

• Under the "View" column, go to "Ecommerce Settings" and turn on "Enable Ecommerce" and "Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting"

8. Give admin access to

  • Under the "Property" column, go to "Property User Management" and click the big blue "+" button

  • Give "Edit" permission and save

You've now set up your Google Analytics account, and are all set to continue moving forward! Click here for Step 11: Channel Setup

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