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Set up content to go live at a future time

How to set up your content now, and publish later

Written by Customer Success
Updated over a week ago

If you upload content, but don't want to release that content until a later date, you can adjust the content's Release Date to set it to a date that is in the future. 

Important Note: All content irrespective of Release Date will appear in the MAZ Mirror preview apps so that you can preview the content before it goes live.

This is an easy setting to choose, just follow the below steps to get it set up. 

  1. Navigate to the content you want to release at a later date and click the Settings button

2. Next, look at the Release options, and set it to the date you would like the content released.

Cover Date is a term derived from the magazine ecosystem. This is the date that is typically printed on the cover of the magazine issue and will display next to the content to indicate when that content is from. 

Release Date is the date on which the content will be set live in the app. Set that future date here and the content will automatically go live on that date.

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