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How does MAZ collect and use user data?

This article explains how MAZ collects and uses end user data.

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Securing your user's Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is of the utmost importance to MAZ. 

MAZ acts as a Data Processor, and does not own any data that is collected or used within your apps. You are the owner & Data Controller of all PII collected and used within your apps.

MAZ only utilizes PII for the purposes of providing our services, which includes allowing users to register for an account, access subscriptions, save & sync content across devices, etc. MAZ will never sell, share, or utilize end user data with any third party. 

We strongly suggest that you upload your own Terms of Service & Privacy Policy for the users of your apps so they know how and why you are collecting and using their data.

If MAZ directly receives any GDPR or CCPA requests to either download, view, modify, or delete PII from your app's user database, MAZ will comply with all such requests and forward all requests to you as the publisher to fulfill such requests from your database as well. 

Learn more about how to include your Privacy Policy & Terms in your app, as well as how to enable CCPA Opt-Out compliance in your apps in this article: Data Collection, Privacy Policy, & CCPA Opt-Out

For more information on how MAZ collects, stores, or uses data, please contact  

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