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View Based Metering

Allow your end users to preview your content by adding view based metering to your app.

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Metering allows you to engage new users with free content before they are required to make a purchase or subscribe. Meter non-subscribers based on a custom number of views or custom amount of time (time based metering). For example, with view based metering, you could allow your readers to view 10 pieces of free content before being locked out of any additional content until they register or subscribe.  

To setup view-based metering across your app, follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to to App Creator --> click on Design in the dropdown menu--> and click on Metering on the left. 

2. Take a look at the settings on the right side, choose Meter Type to be Views.
Choose your desired settings for Free Views Allowed, Resets Every.. and Registration Wall

Free Views: Choose between 1 and 50 views of content.

Resets Every: Set a wait period after a user has reached allowed views before these free views are replenished. Choose from 1-28 days, or you have the option to remove a reset by selecting ‘Never.’

Registration Wall: This setting determines if you would like the end users to be prompted to register after they use up all the views. 

3. Scroll down and customize the copy you would like to show in the app. 

Full Time Text: The text that displays when all views remain.

Remaining Text: The text that displays when less than the full number of views remain.

Completed Text: The text that displays when all views have been used.

Locked Content Text: The text that displays to encourage subscriptions during all stages above.

You can add an additional call to action button and copy, such as "Log In as an existing Subscriber" (shown in the example below) by selecting Subscribe, Register, or Login from the dropdown next to Featured Subscription. Configure the same settings as above for the CTA you choose. 

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