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Import a Media JSON Feed

A new input feed which allows video/audio content to be uploaded in JSON format.

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If you don’t have a Podcast RSS or MRSS feed, and still would like to add video/audio content, you can use our Media JSON feed.

Media JSON feed

A Media JSON feed can have audio or video content in JSON format.

The mobile app will support both audio and video content and the OTT app will support only video content.

In order to add a Media JSON feed to your app, go to MAZ dashboard and
navigate to the section you would like to add the Media JSON feed to.

Click on + Content, select + New, + Feed, and then + Media JSON

Enter the following metadata and Feed URL:

  • Name (internal facing)

  • Feed URL

  • Title (external facing)

  • Subtitle (external facing)

  • Description (external facing)

  • Tags

Once you have saved the Media JSON form, you can fill in any metadata for the app's content menu in the form that appears next.

Below are our Media JSON Specs:

The following sample feed contains all of the elements required for the proper functioning of Media JSON feeds in MAZ apps.

"title": "Media JSON feed",
"deck": "Some description text for the feed",
"updatedAt": "1595776122",
"items": [
"id": "1",
"title": "Title for your Video",
"published": "1595776122",
"type": "vid",
"deck": "Description of the video",
"image": {
"url": ""
"duration": "356",
"sourceUrl": " ",
"imageAltTag": "Video Image"
"id": "2",
"title": "Title for you Audio",
"published": "1595776122",
"type": "audio",
"deck": "Description of audio song",
"image": {
"URL": ""
"duration": "307",
"sourceUrl": "",
"audioType": "audio/mpeg",
"imageAltTag": "Audio Image"

Mandatory fields: The title, sourceUrl and type are the mandatory keys that must be present in the source Media JSON feed.

Accepted file formats:

For video items, we support mp4, m3u8, avi.

For audio items, we support mp3, aac, WAV.

Note : Please note, that for now, we support only a single audio/video source URL per item in Media JSON feed. Another point to note is that, since this is JSON format, we won’t be able to parse any "key":"value" pair in the source Media JSON feed other than the ones mentioned in the specs.

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