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Mobile: Save Video Content for Offline viewing
Mobile: Save Video Content for Offline viewing
Read on to find out how to enable this feature for video content in your app
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Your users can now download video content using the save button icon to view videos in offline mode. All the downloaded videos can be accessed easily from the same place where you would access any saved content ie. the Saved/Favorites section in the app.

Please Note: This feature is available only for mobile/tablet devices.

Follow the steps listed below to enable your users to download video content for offline viewing.

1. Go to App Creator, Design, then Mobile

2. Under the Saved heading, you will find an option for Show Video Download on the right side. Turn ON the option to have the video download feature for all the video content.

Note: When you turn ON the Video Download option from Design, it will automatically enable the video download for all the video content feeds.

Turn Off the Video download option for specific feeds

If you want to turn off the Video Download option for specific feeds, you can turn the setting OFF for individual feed. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Settings of the content menu for which you want to enable the download option for videos.

2. Under the heading Download Options, un-check the box for Available for Video Download and Save the form.

In the app, users will find an option to enable or disable downloading of videos for offline under app settings(the setting cog wheel). The Download Videos option will be ON by default within the app. If this setting is turned OFF in the app settings, video content will not be downloaded for offline viewing when the save button icon for a video is tapped.

Important: We do NOT support m3u8 files for offline downloading.

Now your users may start saving all the videos they want to watch later in the app!

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