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How to Monetize Your App Experience
How to Monetize Your App Experience

Wondering how to start monetizing your app experience? This article will take you through monetization options with MAZ.

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While creating your app, you probably will have monetization on your mind. While many customers may start out with a free app experience, integrating a paid experience is typically top priority.

Monetization of your apps using MAZ can be achieved in a few different ways. The first option is to lock some or all of your content and offer a paid subscription to your users in order to unlock the content. Subscriptions can be purchased via the app stores from the app and you can sell either a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

If you already have subscribers outside of your apps, and you want to provide access to those users in the app, you also may be able to integrate your existing subscriber database.

In the screenshot below you can see an example of an app subscription option. Harvard Business Review is offering a monthly subscription to its users in order to unlock all the app content. Once a user purchases the subscription, they will gain access to premium content such as access magazine features, the latest news feeds, and podcasts. Existing subscribers can also log in and access their subscription without a new purchase.

Harvard Business Review also allows users a sneak peek at the premium content by offering 2 free content views per month. This lets users get a preview before having to make a purchase.

Another option for monetizing your app experience is to add in IAPs (In-App Purchases). These differ from subscriptions in that they allow you to sell individual feeds or pieces of content as individual purchases rather than everything together. For instance, in the Forbes app, they allow users to purchase each magazine issue as an alternative option to purchasing a recurring subscription. With IAPs you can choose to lock any feed or piece of content and set the price. These purchases are made through the App Stores and the earnings are delivered to you via your developer account.

Adding ads to your content is another popular option to monetize app content. MAZ allows you to add ads to both your videos and articles through the various ad integrations available in the MAZ dashboard. In the MAZ dashboard, you will find options to enable in-article and in-feed ads. Adding ads into your content is simple using MAZ and only requires a few clicks.

Banners are also a unique way to monetize your app. Typically we see publishers use banners and sponsor screens as sponsorship opportunities with other brands. For instance, OutsideTV has set up both sponsor screens and banner ads advertising their partnership with GMC.

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