Are you a yoga or fitness content creator that is and are looking to expand your content offering into OTT or Mobile apps? If so, you are in the right place.

MAZ makes it easy for you to add in your content, arrange by class type, instructor, level, etc. Once your content is uploaded to MAZ, a subscription can quickly be added to monetize your app experience. During your subscription setup, you will have the option to offer a free trial for users to sample your content before subscribing.

Do you have classes that you stream live? Add them in a separate section in your app so users can follow along on their OTT/mobile apps.

  1. Add in some of your content.

  2. Choose which sections you want to showcase in your app experience.

  3. Add your content into your created sections.

  4. Preview your app experience.

  5. Add in a subscription.

  6. Publish!

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