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How to create a Stripe account
How to create a Stripe account

Create and connect your Stripe account for the Web channel

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Creating and connecting your Stripe account is easy. Let's walk through the steps so you can connect your Stripe account with your Web channel on the MAZ dashboard.

Step 1: Setting up the Web channel

Log in to your MAZ Dashboard and navigate to Content > Channels > Channel Setup > Web

You will see a form to fill out your channel information.

Step 2: Adding channel information

Fill in the required information:

a. Website Title

b. Sub Domain

c. Customer Domain (optional)

d. Upload a Favicon image (optional)

Click on "Save" to save the information.

Step 3: Linking Stripe account

Navigate to Content > Channels in the MAZ Dashboard and click on Connect with Stripe button. (This button will be visible in red font initially, will turn blue once the setup is complete.)

You will be redirected to a different page to create/ login into your Stripe account.

Step 4: Creating a new Stripe account

To create a new Stripe account, fill in all the required information in the form. After completion you will be routed back to the MAZ Dashboard.

Note: Be careful while selecting the country for your account as this cannot be changed after the account is created.

You have now successfully created and linked your Stripe account with MAZ!

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