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Now you have the option to add an additional screen with more details about your video content before playing it.

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This feature will allow you to display your content in the best ways for your apps. The Interstitial Screen is available for all the OTT and mobile layouts except the Detail View (OTT).

How it Works

Once the user clicks any video from the feed, the Interstitial Screen if enabled will show on the screen with all the configured details from your feed.

Important Note: MAZ supports interstitial screen for MRSS, Media JSON and Vimeo feed types.

How to Enable the Interstitial Screen

Go to the section > Feed Design > and check Show Interstitial Screen for mobile and OTT respectively.


Required Tags for MRSS

MAZ will pull the data from the tags in your MRSS feed that is added to the MAZ dashboard. Below are the requires tags that will be read from your MRSS feed

  • media:rating

  • media:credit
    Actor(s) : Concatenate all actors from separate actor tags (egmedia:credit role="actor"David Vallee, Angelique Sobschak"</media:credit> )
    Director(s): Concatenate all actors from separate director tags (eg<media:credit role="director">Sean Buckley</media:credit> )

  • media:content

  • media:copyright

  • media:category for Genre ( concatenate and comma separate all if there are multiple tags)

Example MRSS feed:

<rss xmlns:media="" xmlns:maz="" version="2.0">
<title>Home video feed</title>
<description>Some description text for the feed</description>
<lastBuildDate>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 11:52:32 ­0800</lastBuildDate>
<title>A BIG Title for your Video</title>
<description> Description of the video </description>
<pubDate>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 09:29:47 ­0800</pubDate>
<guid isPermaLink="false">9677095935</guid>
<media:content duration="123" medium="video" type="video/mp4" url=""/>
<media:title>Media Title</media:title>
<media:thumbnail url=""/>
<media:rating scheme="urn:mpaa">R</media:rating>
<media:credit role="actor">Sten Jacobs, Anna Altmann, Jaspar Fuld</media:credit>
<media:credit role="director">Curtis Burz</media:credit>
<media:subTitle href=""/>

Specs for Media JSON

Similar to MRSS, now we have Interstitial screens for Media JSON which should include elements like:

  • Actors

  • Directors

  • Genres

  • Duration

  • Release Year

  • Rating

Example Media JSON feed:

"title": "Media JSON feed",
"deck": "Some description text for the feed",
"updatedAt": "1595776122",
"items": [
"id": "1",
"title": "Title for your Video",
"published": "1595776122",
"type": "vid",
"deck": "Description of the video",
"image": {
"url": ""
"duration": "356",
"sourceUrl": "" ,
imageAltTag: "Image1",
rating: "G",
actor: "David Vallee, Angelique Sobschak",
director: "Sean Buckley",
duration: "356",
copyright: "2006",
category: "Bollywood, Wedding, Fun, Spoof, More"

Interstitial Screen Samples

Note: The Interstitial Screen can be turned ON for all the feeds from Admin. To enable it for all your feeds in the app, please write to us at

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