Welcome to MAZ! Dashboard Onboarding & Get Started Guides

Get an overview of the MAZ dashboard, and start building your app here!

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Account Management, FAQ & Troubleshooting

The most common questions & issues to troubleshoot

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Importing, Managing, & Designing Content

Learn how to import, upload, and design all of your app content

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App Framework & UI Design

Customize Your App; Add Sections, Customize UI Elements & Details

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Developer Account Creation, Access, and Maintenance

Create & maintain a developer account for every app store your app will launch on.

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Monetizing Your App

Guides to the various way to monetize your apps including ads, metering, sponsor screens, and in app purchases

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MAZ ID & Database Integrations

Learn about our customer data platform and how to integrate third party databases.

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Previewing, Testing & Submitting Your Apps

How to preview your apps and generate test builds before going live

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All About Analytics

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Publishing to Additional Outputs

All of the platforms to publish your content on.

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Contact Us

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Latest News

Keep yourself updated on the latest updates on the MAZ system

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Web and CTV Platform Setup

Know everything about the new Web channel

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